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Hearty Heave-Ho Given Good Heart Health Research

by Chistopher Barr

“Vitamin pills don’t prevent heart disease,” prominently declared the AP (Associated Propagandaess) “news” headline representative of other “news” coverage given an annual meeting of the American Hurt, er, uh, I mean, Heart, Association.

Heart disease has primarily to do with mineral deficiencies – notably of chromium, selenium , silicon and magnesium – so well grounded nutrition researchers wouldn’t be looking in the direction of vitamin pills.

Specifically, the study noted in the report was on vitamins C and E.  Very few nutrition researchers would look to vitamin C for heart help.  A few more would look to vitamin E though that would be misguided.

The study much ballyhooed by the mainstream press in general is – to quote the bard – much ado about nothing, or at least not very much at all.  It was funded by the National Institutes of Health – your tax dollars at work and a wasted work at that.

Barely getting any attention at all was another study presented at the same meeting disclosing that daily aspirin therapy did not provide any benefit against heart problems.  The AP “news” service made not so much as a mention of it.

Aspirin studies that show heart benefit do not use plain aspirin – they use buffered aspirin.  The buffering agent in buffered aspirin is a hefty dose of magnesium – one of the primary minerals of which deficiency contributes to heart problems.

The benefit of magnesium supplementation to individuals with active heart problems was first documented half a century ago before the first buffered aspirin heart studies were conducted.

Aspirin as a benefit for the heart is a very old canard indeed.

Round and round and round it goes …

The AP article previously noted herein did in its conclusion report that another study with vitamins B-12 and folic acid showed no benefit to the heart.

The vitamins B-12 and folic acid reverse homocysteine to the amino acid methionine.

Homocysteine is a long time demonstrated heart risk indicator though it was long ignored until recent years.

Tragically, more often ignored to this day is that the key to homocysteine issues are pyridoxal compounds commonly known as vitamin B6.

Homocysteine builds up when there is insufficient vitamin B6 to properly metabolize the essential amino acid methionine.

In other words, using vitamin B-12 and folic acid to reverse homocysteine to methionine without addressing the vitamin B6 deficiency that caused the problem in the first place means that homocysteine will form again.  The homocysteine problem never really goes away but rather comes and goes back and forth in a not so merry-go-round and round robin of bird-brained medical minds lacking much in nutrition knowledge even as so many are lack much in nutrition.

Drug pushers protect their turf

Having drug pushers conduct nutrition research is like having foxes guarding chickens.

A straw man argument is when one sets up an argument, assigns it to another, and then burns up that argument while claiming to have discredited another who didn’t even believe that in the first place.

Straw man arguments are the stock in trade of medical men when they argue about nutrition.

Medical men push drugs that you have to appear before them and pay tribute (office vi$it) to get permission to access.  You don’t need their permission to access nutrition so they have no motivation for making use of nutrition.

Another case in point is the story this week that purports to extend statin drug usage even to those without high cholesterol levels.

Statin drugs are already the number one selling drug in America and the new push by these drug pushers would increase that almost 50 per cent.  Yet the study noted numerous side effects from the statins including higher levels of diabetics occurring in those taking the statins … oh, and by the way, diabetics have three to five times as much heart disease as non-diabetics.

Yet, for considerably less than half the cost of statins the ingestion of the essential mineral chromium in a 100 per cent whole food form in hearty (pun intended) amounts results in a decrease of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol that statins provide plus an increase of HDL (“good”) cholesterol that statins do NOT provide with none of the many serious side effects that statins provide.

No permission or tribute to doctors needed for a hearty nutritional approach.

Finally, at the same time as all these other storied medical studies comes word that the AMA has come out in support of trans fats bans.  No mention is made that the common place use of trans fats resulted from rigorous recommendations for many decades from the AMA for their use.  Meanwhile nutrition people who have cried out against trans fats these many decades that AMA has recommended them do not even get a mention.

The AMA declared that stopping use of trans fats would prevent 100,000 deaths per year in the United States alone.  If that is true then the AMA has just admitted liability for 100,000 deaths per year in the United States alone based upon their many decades recommendations of trans fats.

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