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Silver Generator Inquiry #2

Dear Utopia Silver,
I just made my first batch of Colloidal Silver with the machine I had received from you. It came out cloudy (kinda like dirty water) as a .09 and varied to a .1. Beings this my first attempt, is this acceptable? Please advise.

Thanks in advance for your time and considerations,
Harold L.


Hi Harold,
Yes, it is acceptable. Although the cloudiness is probably silver oxide, it sounds to me as if you have silver in your water, which of course is what you want.

In using these simple machines, it does take some tinkering to make a better ‘looking’ product. If you have a Hanna TDS1 Tester, check your distilled water to be sure it is 1 ppm or less. The water factor is the only real variable as long as the generator has an output of about 48 volts.

You may want to try wiping the silver electrodes off more often as the silver oxide collects on them. Also the product sometimes becomes less cloudy as it sits a while.

Ben in Utopia

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