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Hep C

Utopia Silver,
How much colloidal silver should be taken for Hep C?



Hi Fatimah,
Every person and every situation is different so you must determine that for yourself. Our silver (low ppm and small particle) cannot be ‘over used’ in the short-term. Many use 1-2 ounces a day for weeks or a month or so. A longer time for larger servings is seldom required, but if using more than a tablespoon per day, one should take Probiotics and Acidophilus to replenish the flora in the colon to ensure proper digestion. If you get relief with your issue, it is suggested that you reduce your consumption to a maintenance level of 1-3 teaspoons per day.

Also remember, you may experience a Herxheimer effect caused by the die-off of virus and bacteria where using larger quantities.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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