Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have known about salt lamps for a long time. If nothing else they were so nice to look at, and evoked feelings of well being and a sense of calm.

I wasn’t sure about the claims of the salt lamps however, but I also decided they would not be harmful. So I recently ordered one, intending to place it in our living room.

When it arrived,my 12 year old son saw it,snatched it up, and took it to his room. It did not take long to realize it really does make a difference! The air was fresher and it eliminated any odor problems. (Face it,kids hide dirty clothes here and there,and have other habits that can lead to odor problems). Sometimes, due to the high humidity we can have here in East Tennessee, he would complain of breathing problems. He hasn’t had any problems since the salt lamp was put into his room.

Rather than using chemical laden “air fresheners’ which do more harm than good, it has been refreshing to have good clean air. It’s not smelling anything that is so healthy!

I plan on ordering more salt lamps in the future. But you cannot go wrong with this fine product. It also came with a full color and highly informative brochure.

Occasionally he even sticks his tongue to the lamp to taste the salt. What other lamp could you have that gives peaceful light, naturally deodorizes and freshens the air, and that can give you healthy salt? What a blessing and I can highly recommend this product.


Rachel in Tennessee —