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Holding the FDA Accountable

by Devvy Kidd

The American people have grown up with so many federal alphabet soup agencies, they've become immune to the dastardly deeds done by these unelected officials – except when it hits their home. 

When I refer to the FDA, I don't mean the Federal Drug Administration, I mean the Federal Death Administration. This agency derives its jurisdiction from treaties and has been getting away with destroying people's health for decades, and in too many cases, the result is death. The FDA is nothing more than another out of control agency answerable to no one. It needs to be abolished. While I was still writing news items for NWVs back in 2004, I wrote a piece on Donald Rumsfeld and aspartame. The mail came flooding in with accusations that aspartame was perfectly safe because the ghouls at the FDA said so! I followed up the deluge with a column under my own by-line; Aspartame Concerns – Junk Science, Quack Doctors?

Dr. Betty Martini has been a pioneer in exposing the devastating effects of ingesting that deadly chemical. Naturally, she's been attacked on a regular basis as have doctors and scientists who have studied the effects of aspartame on the human body – particularly the brain. Anyone who dares expose the truth which cuts into the profits of the big pharma houses is persecuted by the ghouls at the Federal Death Administration. Many are political prisoners for doing nothing more than trying to naturally treat their patients.

This is especially true for the multi-billion dollar a year cancer industry; see The Cancer Research Money Machines. Since I wrote that column almost two years ago, more "safe" drugs and treatments, given the stamp of approval by the Federal Death Administration, have proven fatal. Let's start with Gardasil, a new, deadly vaccine that I've covered in previous columns:

July 3, 2008. From the Desk of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: Judicial Watch Uncovers Shocking New FDA Documents Related to Gardasil

"Those of you who regularly read this column know that Judicial Watch has taken the lead in exposing the ugly truth about the dangerous side effects associated with Gardasil, the vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV) currently being administered to young girls.

"Well this week, we released a special report based on new "adverse event reports" and other information obtained from the FDA under the Freedom of Information Act. These reports document 10 reported deaths since September, 2007. (The total number of death reports is at least 18 and as many as 20.) The FDA also produced 140 "serious" reports (27 of which were categorized as "life threatening"), 10 spontaneous abortions and six cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome – all since January 2008. Here are a few excerpts from the documents we uncovered. The rest can be read in our report. (Warning: These descriptions get very graphic.)"

July 7, 2008. Should parents worry about HPV vaccine? "7,802 "adverse event" reports to CDC since Gardasil was approved. Reports claim drug caused nausea and paralysis — even death."

Only after enough Americans die or thousands have their health destroyed, does the FDA pull some of these dangerous drugs:

October 8, 2007, FDA pulls Drug for Stomach Ills Is Pulled From the Market: rug for Stomach Ills Is Pulled From the Market: Zelnorm…Arthritis Drug Bextra Pulled: "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today requested Pfizer recall arthritis drug Bextra (valdexocib) and change the warning label on Celebrex (celecoxib)…Parkinson's disease drug pulled from market: "The FDA pulled a Parkinson's drug from the market after reports of heart valve damage in more than a dozen patients. Pergolide is sold under the name Permax and is believed to raise the risk of heart valve damage by 20 percent." "FDA Okays Stomach Drugs Prilosec And Nexium, For Now. Diabetes drug should be pulled over heart risks, FDA scientist says; Avandia."

How about the widely popular, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) drug, Prempro, found in the government's own study to increase a healthy woman's risk of breast cancer by 24%, stroke by 41% and heart attack by 29%?

April 24, 2007. 70 women 'die each year from cancer after taking HRT. "But the UK-sponsored Million Women Study now suggests HRT resulted in 1,300 extra cases of ovarian cancer between 1991 and 2005. Of these women, 1,000 died of the disease."

2008: Wyeth, Pfizer ordered to pay $27 million in punitive damages. "A Little Rock, Ark., federal jury found Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Upjohn (a Pfizer unit) liable for $27 million in punitive damages to Donna Scroggin, who sued the drug manufacturers in 2004 after developing breast cancer after taking hormone replacement therapy. The award includes $19.3 million from Wyeth and $7.7 from Upjohn.

"Wyeth manufactures Premarin, an estrogen replacement, and Prempro, which is a combination of estrogen and progestin. These, along with Upjohn's Provera, which contains progestin, are commonly prescribed to treat the unpleasant effects of menopause….About 25 million American women use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to ease the discomfort of menopause. There are about 5,300 similar cases pending across the country for Premarin and Prempro."

Here's a news flash: These dangerous cocktails are still on the market and being prescribed! I've never taken any form of HRT and am truly thankful I listened to my friend, Dr. Lorraine Day, 14 years ago. The 25 million women who use HRT's in this country just might be 'concerned' they will end up dead from breast and/or cervical cancer. I don't understand why anyone would take these drugs once you read the side effects: "Long-term treatment with Prempro may increase your risk of breast cancer, heart attack, or stroke." To help with hot flashes? Perhaps women should try natural supplements (Evening Primrose Oil, Dong Quai, Black Cohash) and a good 100% Mexican Yam progersterone cream for hot flashes. Okay, I have to give the disclaimer: I'm not a doctor nor am I making a medical referral here. I wouldn't want the Nazi's from the Department of Fatherland Security to charge me with some federal crime, i.e., prescribing natural supplements without the approval of the ghouls at the FDA.

People ask me all the time why can't Americans see what's happening in this country? Why the apathy? Well, a number of reasons: ignorance of the facts, blind loyalty to their political party; they take our freedoms for granted while distracted by meaningless past times likes sports and the mall, as well as being poorly educated on the history of this constitutional republic. I also believe it's because we have a nation of sick and dying people by the millions who are incapable of analyzing the big picture. Americans have been ingesting deadly chemicals into their bodies for decades, courtesy of the FDA. Aspartame is dangerous to your brain; please read this important warning. Aspartame is in most commercial yogurts, diet soft drinks and thousands of food products.

What about fluoride?

Germans and Russians Used Fluoride to Make Prisoners Stupid and Docile

"While a member of the Communist Party, I attended Communist underground training schools outside the City of New York.. Here, under the tutoring of Eugene Dennis, M. Sparks, Morris Chyilds, Jack Kling and others, we were schooled in the art of revolutionary overthrow of the established Government. We discussed quite thoroughly the fluoridation of water supplies and how we were using it in Russia as a tranquilizer in the prison camps. The leaders of our school felt that if it could be induced into the American water supply, it would bring about a spirit of lethargy in the nation; where it would keep the general public docile during a steady encroachment of Communism…We discussed in these schools, the complete art of revolution: the seizure of the main utilities, such as light, power, gas and water, but it was felt by the leadership that if a program of fluoridating the water could be carried out in the nation, it would go a long way toward the advancement of the revolution." Oliver Kenneth Goff, 1957

Americans have been drinking this deadly poison for almost as long as I've been alive. I stopped drinking any tap water 41 years ago; I don't even give it to my dogs or cook with it. A couple hundred million Americans brush their teeth with it everyday, it's in most commercial mouth washes and dentists use it on their patients. So, you have mass ingestion of aspartame, cooking people's brain and destroying their bodies while enriching the big pharmaceutical companies for more drugs to treat the results of aspartame poisoning! Douse the masses with fluoride to make them apathetic, lethargic and unable to resist. In other words, little better than cattle, controlled using the herding technique. I hate to put it that way, but I also hate what's been done to my fellow Americans. Yes, without question, certain drugs and vaccines are safe and they have benefited mankind in remarkable ways. But, that does not excuse the shoddy science being used by manufacturers who cover up the results and then get bad drugs approved by their coconspirators at the FDA.

One emailer, Captain Bobby, kept sending me requests to expose what he calls a lyme disease epidemic. He asked me with deep frustration in his emails why I wouldn't expose this and how people like him are suffering 24/7? If I wrote ten columns a day, eight days a week, I couldn't cover the thousand cuts killing this nation and our people. However, in the mini-master file discussed below, I have included credible information on lyme disease — including denials that it's even a problem!

Then, there is the real danger from the chemical cocktails being dropped on this country called chemtrails. I've done many columns on this human and environmental disaster; new material is included in the mini-master file discussed below.

There isn't room in this column to list all the articles and studies I have been saving, so what I've done is put them in this mini-master file for you to read over the weekend or when ever you can. Nothing is more important than good health. For you and your family. Also, I strongly recommend you listen to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny during a recent interview on KAJO Radio during the Carl Wilson show. Sherry is an expert regarding vaccines and your right to say no. Every parent in America needs to read her columns and listen to this interview. I have four brothers and sisters. Like our parents, the only vaccines we had were smallpox, diphtheria and polio. I also made sure my daughter received only those three. Thank, God.

How many more Americans will die, have strokes or suffer life long medical problems from deadly chemicals and treatments approved by the FDA? These poltroons in Congress who also own stock in pharmaceutical companies, continue to pass legislation to protect their big $$ donors and dividend checks, while parents try to cope with sick or dying children they love so much. Do you not cry for them? Congress has given these drug peddlers immunity more times than you can imagine to protect them from lawsuits. Look at the hundreds of billions of dollars in settlements, enriching lawyers like former presidential candidate, John Edwards, after these drugs given the "safe" label by the FDA, turned out to be a killer or laid low thousands of Americans by stokes and heart attacks?

Is the head of the FDA (past and present) ever held accountable? NO. They just resign and move on to another lucrative job if there's some heat. How about their lackeys? NO. You can sue the federal government, but it's a nightmare. Why should we the people continue paying taxes for settlements when the people who caused the problem (FDA) are never held accountable?

The honchos at the FDA who do the approving of these deadly cocktails walk around with impunity because they know from past history that these cowards in Congress will not hold them accountable. I believe at the very least, the head of the FDA and his underlings should be indicted by a grand jury for conspiracy to commit murder, reckless disregard for human life and any other charges a grand jury in any of the 50 states can find that applies — if you could get jurisdiction using the same legal basis as Bugliosi did in his book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. It's a slam dunk the corrupt Federal Department of Justice under Attorney General Michael Mukasey, won't lift a finger for justice for the victims.

The FDA pulls these deadly drugs off the market – AFTER people like my brother have a major stroke that almost kills him (VIOXX). Then, the head of the FDA goes back to business as usual and power lunches in DC with his big pharma house buddies and is NEVER held accountable. I say it's long past time these people are held accountable in the criminal justice system. Giving these unelected officials immunity after wreaking such death and destruction on the American people cannot and must not be allowed to continue. This will NOT happen if the American people vote back in the same incumbents who have done nothing to stop the FDA's madness other than more meaningless hearings. Change cannot happen with the same players. In the meantime, dangerous drugs are still on the market and unsuspecting Americans will die or their health destroyed, requiring them to spend even more money for the pharmaceutical companies (pills) to "treat them." Don't you think it's time to hold Congress and the FDA officials accountable?

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