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Independence From Foreign Oil

As America's economy nears complete collapse from the out-of-control escalation in oil prices, our elected officials in Washington do absolutely nothing but continue the lies.


In fact, they're off on vacation for the summer while the nation is crumbling. Do you think we've hit Peak Oil? Is the demand from China and India really increasing so fast that OPEC can't keep up with demand? Has the American dollar really crashed enough to justify such a rapid increase in prices in a matter of mere months? Every single trading day we're hit with more lies to keep oil prices going up. Unless the people of our nation get informed of the real facts right now and demand action from DC, we're finished. A sinister plan to cripple the planet is in full swing. The end game is the establishment of a one world order with the US being relegated to a destitute 3rd world nation.

If you're sick of the lies and garbage, then you and everyone you know must watch the following video by Baptist Chaplin Lindsey Williams. The oil has already been discovered in the US and we have enough of it to put OPEC out of business in 24 hours. Any politician or person working for any major media firm is complicitous in the conspiracy if they continue to refuse to acknowledge what Lindsey Williams learned more than 30 years ago. The earth is NEVER going to run out of oil. There is enough of it to last for another 100 million years. While alternative technology should be promoted to get the world off of oil, we need to deal with the facts we have available right now to deal with the present crisis.

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