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Home Foreclosure Solutions

by Ben Taylor

After months of hearing the news stories about the increasing number of home foreclosures that are occurring in this country, I recently spoke to a friend who has some expertise in this area as a licensed mortgage broker. He told me that there are legal actions that can be taken to greatly reduce the burden on those struggling to pay their mortgages and is in fact working with a group that does loan modifications.
It is a disconcerting time in America when the fruit of the labor of the common man and woman, as well as that of their children, are being confiscated by unlawful income taxation and are then being used to bail out major banking and ‘lending’ institutions who are themselves the primary cause of our nation being on the verge of a total economic collapse. It is incomprehensible that our so-called government would ignore the plight of the citizens and further add to their un-payable debt burden with even more debt. Is there anyone in the halls of Congress who understands that the financial problems we have now is because of that government debt? Rather than bailing out the bankers, why isn’t this government bailing out the payer of taxes by paying off the mortgages of the American citizen?

Without quoting exact numbers here, I understand that it would take only a fraction of the bailout money already wasted to pay off the home mortgages of all Americans …and by the way, it would be done with the money of those citizens! It simply proves who owns our ‘government’ and it ain’t “The People”! It is those very same ‘criminals of usury’ who have no conscience about taking our money and then buying new jets, giving bonuses to already wealthy executives, and wasting it on retreats to Palm Springs and trips to Vegas. I suspect that what we know about may only be the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

The possession of private property is one of the foundation stones this nation was built upon. If we do not own property, then we will soon have no Right to own property and will be little more than serfs on the plantations of the money lenders who will still be able to buy their influence in government. No matter what it takes, we cannot allow things to deteriorate any further; we must force changes and correction within our financial system, as well as with the political system that unlawfully takes the fruit of our labor (which is not income, it is already our property) and taxes us out of that property to give it to a banking system that is “hell-bent-for-leather” (literally) on leaving America in the dust of a one world government.

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