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JLP in Minnesota


A couple things:

1. I'm sure your product is phenomenal
2. "fighting unlawful forced vaccinations" implies a "lawful forced vaccination"
3. I doubt your product is going to be viewed as an acceptable alternative to vaccinations.
4. If they try to force vaccinate me or my children with their toxin loaded vaccines, I'll force vaccinate them with L E A D!

JLP in Minnesota


1. It can be at times.
2. You are correct; they are all unlawful relative to our God-given right to determine how to care for the health of ourselves and our families.
3. Probably not, but colloidal silver may be the best option to vaccines with or without mainstream approval.
4. This may be where we all end up and I suspect may be the ultimate remedy for the gangsters who have stolen our government.

Ben in Utopia

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