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I recently ordered your silver gel product. I started using it and I like it. Then I remembered the story on The Today Show, regarding the man who turned blue. I went back and looked at the Today Show story and he used colloidal silver on his face. What is the difference in this and your product? Is my skin going to turn blue?

Haden in Alabama


Hi Haden,
No, you won’t turn blue, but because the skin needs bacteria to be healthy you should not use colloidal silver topically every day for an extended period of time. The ‘blue man’ consumed a home-made product possibly produced in a saline solution, which is a no-no if you intend on using therapeutic quantities. He also consumed large amounts per day for an extended time as well as applying it topically.

If using topically for issues such as acne, use a Q-tip to put it on each infected area, rather than as a general application. General overall use is occasionally OK, maybe once a week or so, but not every day. The prolonged kill-off of bacteria will cause the skin to become dry and cracked. If this happens, simply discontinue use until it returns to normal. This can also happen internally with overuse, but can be prevented with the use of Probiotics an hour or so after heavy silver use.

Ben in Utopia

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