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Know the Homeopathic Alternative to Mainstream Vaccines

by: Madeleine Innocent

(NaturalNews) More people are questioning the validity of mainstream vaccines for their children, themselves and their animals than ever before. And whilst many are choosing not to vaccinate, some are still caught up in the modern day thinking that you need to protect youngsters from disease. A safe alternative could lie in homeoprophylaxis.

Vaccine Protocol

First let's look at childhood diseases. Children (this includes young animals, too) are not born with an immune system. What is called passive immunity is passed to the youngster via the mother's milk. There is no substitute for this.

Sadly, not all doctors or midwives encourage breast feeding. And some mothers have difficulty in this area from a low supply to inverted nipples. Others find feeding their baby painful. Mastitis is not uncommon.

All these areas can be helped, if not completely cured, by appropriate homeopathic treatment.

As the baby grows, the immune system starts to develop. But the best way for this to naturally develop is to get in some practice. To get the practice, first you have to get the pathogens – the bacteria, the viruses, the fevers, etc. This is not unlike learning to ride a bicycle. You fall off many times before you get the hang of it. And this usually involves getting a scraped knee or something similar.

But it's all in a good cause. As their immune systems become proficient in their skills, fewer and fewer health issues arise. It's important to know that a healthy child, that is one who is physically and emotionally supported, will rarely get bad bouts. But for those who do, appropriate homeopathic treatment supports the body dealing with the problem.

Homeopathic treatment never suppresses symptoms. It supports the body in times of need. The result is an ever improving immune system. Symptoms are important signs showing what needs help.

Still, some parents feel a little uneasy waiting for disease to happen. They want another, safer alternative to mainstream vaccination. And there is one. It's called homeoprophylaxis (HP).

HP uses the disease as the source of the remedy. However, the remedies themselves are taken beyond the physical properties and only contain the energy of the disease. By administering the remedy orally, the natural defensives of the body are instigated in their rightful order. Only one disease is ever given at one time. This prevents overloading the child's system.

HP does not have any side effects. It does not contain any poisonous or dangerous ingredients. And the efficacy of this treatment is around 80%, an unusually high success rate from any form of treatment.

Not every homeopath supports HP. As in every field of human activity, there are several interpretations of how homeopathy should be used. If you are already using the services of a homeopath and are satisfied with the results, then it makes sense to take his/her advice.

If you are considering homeopathic treatment as an option, or are new to it, it's important for you to know what is available. Although your preferred homeopathic practitioner knows more about health and homeopathy than you do, they are your children. You need to be able to make the most appropriate choices at the time, having weighed up all the information.

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