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Woman Lived With Scissors in Stomach for Three Years After Surgery

by: Jonathan Benson

NaturalNews) In yet another demonstration of unbelievable medical carelessness, a Brazilian woman was recently found to have been living with a pair of eight-inch scissors inside her abdomen for over three years. After Veronika Cruz underwent a surgical procedure to have an ovary removed, it was discovered later that surgeons apparently forgot to retrieve their scissors before finishing the procedure and sending the woman on her way.

According to reports, Cruz had been living in excruciating pain for several years following her surgery, but her doctors largely ignored her pain concerns and dismissed them as inconsequential. It was not until Cruz finally collapsed and was taken in for X-rays that doctors finally realized the complaints were legitimate.

"There was damage to her intestine and her other ovary, which had to be removed," said a spokesman for the Sao Paolo medical council, concerning the internal damage caused by the scissors. "We are investigating."

From start to finish, Cruz's experience was literally nothing more than one giant bungling disaster performed in the name of modern medicine. Everything from the surgery error itself to the doctors' dismissal of Cruz's pain concerns illustrates the pompous arrogance of many modern medical doctors, who often act as though they are infallible. Ironically, in this case, the entire scenario was one massive medical fallacy that ended up destroying the patient's other ovary in the process.

And serious medical errors are not rare cases, either. According to a report issued back in November by the Office of Inspector General at the Health and Human Services Department (HHS), medical errors result in 134,000 serious adverse events, and roughly 15,000 deaths, every single month just in the US

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