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L. May in California

Hi Utopia Silver,
Well, after spending a week in the hospital with what would be considered the best of care, the best antibiotics, breathing treatments, inhalers, and so on, I have found that the best that "medicine" has to offer cannot compare to what nature provides.
I was released, not because I was well, but because I was "out of the woods."  They were happy with my breathing and lung capacity, which really was not that much to speak of.  Upon returning to my daughter's, I was in a weakened state, still had trouble breathing, and felt as though two elephants were pressing upon me…….  One on my chest and the other on my back.  Hoping to God that I would not have a relapse and have to return.

After one full day of taking breathing treatments with colloidal silver and Lobelia, while taking Clear Lungs, my breathing is much improved.  Actually, right now, it is taking almost no effort.  Last night was the first night that I have slept soundly and comfortably in well over a week.  And this is after only four breathing treatments throughout the day yesterday.  I can tell you that I felt a difference after my very first breathing treatment.  The pressure was relieved and I could actually feel air filling my lungs, almost with ease.  I was nothing short of amazed.  Was it too good to be true?  At the end of the day, after my last breathing treatment, I was breathing comfortably, and still am.  I cannot tell you the joy I feel.  Breathing is a big deal.  This in combination with taking Clear Lungs has helped me immensely.  After one week of the hospital doing the best they could to remove the congestion, after one day of colloidal silver, Lobelia, and Clear Lungs, I am bringing up all sorts of gunk.  In fact, I started expelling the congestion immediately after my first breathing treatment.

Okay…….  I should have known better all along.  Granted.  However, I have not had a problem  with asthma for many, many years and never with this severity.  At its onset I was in a bit of disbelief, kind of thinking it would go away but as it progressed it suddenly became so severe that I seriously needed medical intervention.  The good news is that I was given all sorts of tests, they went through me with a fine tooth comb and there is nothing seriously wrong.  My gosh, I'm not even going to repeat what they were thinking.

So………  I have learned many lessons these past few weeks, the first of which is never to neglect my health.  Should any health concerns arise, turn to nature……  turn to God.  How effective would hospitals be if they were in the business of truly healing?

And as my friend Tony always says………..  Since when did God become a quack?

I am walking on air…………

Love to all,

L. May in California

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