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Hi Again Ben,
Just wanted you to know I have been called for jury duty AND just read the Jury’s Handbook on your sight!  You are making a difference as now I am looking forward to jury duty.

I am devouring all the “legal” info that you have posted!

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Thanks for doing this and best to you,
Lynn in California


Hi Lynn,
If those of us who care about the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, stand up and exercise the Rights that God gave us as free men and women, we will make a difference in this battle to save our American Republic. Remember, no person, no ‘officer of law’, no government agency, no one period, has the authority to steal our Rights or to turn them into things to be licensed as privileges. Remember Rights given by God cannot be taken by men, but privileges granted by men can be arbitrarily taken at any time. Claim your Rights, stand on your Rights and let no man take them away.

Ben in Utopia

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