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[Editor’s Note: Larry had previously asked for my comments on Dr. Mercola’s colloidal silver article and on the EPA labeling silver as a pesticide.]

Hi Larry,
There is some solid info in Mercola’s silver article, but it’s pretty obvious, he’s not speaking from first hand experience.

I have averaged ¼ -1 oz. per day for years with nothing but positive results. On the other hand there are silver products that I would not use in any quantity on a regular basis. (Silver proteins/gelatins, silver nitrates, silver in saline solutions, etc.)

As for the EPA labeling silver as a pesticide, I guess they will have to do the same with all the dish and washing detergents and chlorox that is going down the drains and into the sewage system in quantities of millions of gallons a year. Silver consumption is miniscule in comparison and besides when silver goes back into the soil, it binds with other minerals. Silver is naturally occurring in most soils and water already.
Without Prejudice UCC 1.308
Ben Taylor
Utopia Silver Supplements

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