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Maura in New York

Hello Utopia Silver,
I found your product in an off color place; a flea market. The woman only had the silver for external problems, i.e. burns, rashes etc. But she started telling me about your product and gave me this web site. She told me about her father who had very bad teeth and they were going to pull all of them out, but he started taking silver and saved every one of his teeth. My husband has bad teeth and I would love to be able to help him, I am not sure what I should be buying though.

Thank you,
Maura in New York

Hi Maura,
Sublingually, holding in the mouth and under the tongue and forcing between the teeth is a good way to kill bacteria in the mouth. I personally use a water pik with distilled water and silver and sometimes pure silver. This is super effective in that it forces the silver, not only between the teeth, but around the gums. I have a friend who had gum disease and got rid of it with a water pik and colloidal silver.

I also have a retired lawyer friend that got completely rid of periodontal disease by using our Silver Aloe Soap as a tooth paste. This may be a good idea for the long-term. I use it myself now.

Ben in Utopia

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