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Liver Cleansing Brings Health and Detoxification

by Kim Evans

(NaturalNews) Steve Jobs' public liver transplant is a testament to what mainstream medicine offers when you've damaged your liver to the extreme. It's also a testament to a consumerism attitude with a "buy a new one" flair and ambiance, instead of an eye for caring for what you already have. But these days most people don't know much about their liver, except perhaps that alcohol damages it, and most people don't know how to care for this all important organ either.

Your liver is a hardworking three to five pound organ that sits under your right rib cage. Unlike most organs with just a handful of jobs in your body, your liver has over a thousand jobs, and daily detoxification is one of its most important ones.

Your liver is your prime detoxification organ; it's responsible for rendering harmless the hundreds of man-made chemicals that most people put in and on their bodies each and every week.

Too many people accept the notion that we can consume processed, pesticide laced, genetically altered, preservative and chemical laden foods – and that these foods cause no harm in the body. Even if people don't believe this on a conscious level, eating habits often suggest otherwise.

There's an underlying belief that our bodies can somehow remove all of these chemicals, which is simply a fallacy in thinking. Most people don't take into account that these chemicals and genetic alterations are new to the food supply, and that it takes the body many thousands of years to biologically adapt to anything new.

With all of these chemicals entering your body many times each day, your liver, your prime detoxification organ, is often the hardest hit.

When your liver is overwhelmed with incoming chemicals, two things happen. First, those chemicals and toxins back up in your body and become trapped inside because your liver didn't have the resources to deal with them. When there is an accumulation of these chemicals and toxins in your body, health problems are often the result.

Second, weight loss becomes difficult because in addition to being your prime detoxification organ, your liver is your prime fat burning organ. When your liver is overwhelmed with detoxification, weight loss can be extremely challenging.

Fortunately, as with so many of our problems, nature has provided a solution. The solution is simply to cleanse your body and liver, to remove the stored toxins from your liver and to reduce your body's toxic load in general. In today's chemical driven world, internal body cleansing should be as commonly regarded as washing your hands.

Actually, most people are familiar with the substance used to cleanse the liver, but most are using it the wrong way for it to be effective in cleaning out your liver and body of stored toxins.

Coffee, believe it or not, used in an enema, is a very effective way to cleanse and care for your liver. Coffee has been used in this manner for almost a hundred years and coffee enemas have played a critical part in the success at many holistic cancer treatment centers.

According to Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr. Max Gerson of the Gerson Therapy, coffee enemas were discovered in World War One. A couple of nurses noticed the positive impact that drinking coffee was having on the doctors who were working at an exhausting pace and decided to try coffee in enemas on the wounded patients (enemas were a standard health care practice at the time). As a result of the coffee enemas, the wounded soldiers' pain diminished remarkably, and coffee enemas were brought to the world.

Coffee enemas work to cleanse your liver and body because the caffeine in the coffee dilates or opens your bile ducts, which is the pathway from your liver to your colon. When the pathway from your liver to your colon is open, your liver has an open path to dump its stored toxins into your colon for removal with the enema, which it happily does.

Because all of the blood in your body travels through your liver every three minutes to be cleansed, this process also cleans your blood by allowing your liver, in a less burdened state, to remove chemicals and toxins that it was unable to address.

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