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Here are a series of follow up emails between myself and Kaille in Virginia that may be of interest. (See the Ask Utopia Silver entitled MS.)


Gosh Ben,
Thank you for such a newsy reply!  How wonderful!  How IS Utopia anyway?  My little piece of Heaven here in Virginia "ain't bad".  I am absolutely interested in the anecdotal stories about colloidal silver- that's all we have to go on right now.

My husband was Dx in 2000 and we have tried ALMOST every known anecdotal therapy except over the last few months I've been doing a TON of research on Mycoplasma, Co-infections, Lymes, Stealth Pathogens and the like.  We are anxiously awaiting the "best" high tech lymes test results as I write this!

We have a fabulous naturopath MD that has prescribed LDN and has started him on antibiotic regimen, but we were halted by the insurance unwillingness to pay for $600 antibiotics for the Clamydia Pneumoniae protocol…  Unfortunatley he doesn't do colloidal silver IVs.  Do you know of someone in Virginia that does?

So we do all kinds of natural injections, pay close attention to diet, although if I went totally RAW my husband would simply strangle me, take a TON of supplements, and will begin your colloidal silver when it arrives.  We also order something called MMS, have you heard of it?
I thank you again for your time and information.  and I agree!  There is not one silver bullet for this crazy thing they call MS.

In gratitude,


Hi Kaille,

IP6/Inositol is one thing in particular that is being tried with claims of some success. I have a friend who has some early stage MS symptoms (undiagnosed) and has had dramatic results within a few weeks using IP-6/Inositol (Max 3 in particular) as an effective immune system support. She is using it in tandem with Colloidal Silver and Gold.



Thank YOU!
I will tell you, if it weren't for angels like YOU we have found along the way, I don't know where we would be today.
I will absolutely look into it!  and knowing us….we'll try it too!




Hi Kaille,
Here are a few IP-6 articles. They are concerning Cancer, but it is claimed to do some very good things at the cellular level.

Do an Internet search for Dr. Abdullah Shamsuddin (University of Maryland) He had some very interesting research in the 1990s on IP6/Inositol It is also mentioned on the American Cancer Society website and has been studied by MD Andersen. (Note: I was told by a doctor friend that although their results were very positive, the study was shelved and not published.)

Colloidal Gold has some neurological enhancement and support properties that may be of benefit.


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