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Periodontal Problem

Hi Utopia Silver,
I have periodontal problems and am hoping your strong silver perhaps held in my mouth for 20 min at a time would penetrate thru the gum and disable the pathogens that are causing soreness and inflamed gums etc or if I could use a syringe to saturate the silver in the perio pockets.  Any suggestions on what product I need would be greatly appreciated; I want to save my teeth and gums and I want to avoid drugs and antibiotics and of course surgery.  I have made weak C silver before but your stronger particle silver sounds more promising. Please respond or call me at  ____________ . 

Susan in California

Hi Susan,
Your sublingual idea is a good way to do it, but I also use a water pik with distilled water and a little silver. That is really effective.

Also, I have had friends that got completely rid of periodontal disease by using our Silver Aloe Soap as a tooth paste. This may be a good idea for the long-term. I use it myself now.

Ben in Utopia

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