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Dear Utopia Silver,
I am writing because of my Mother Lois. She has Psoriasis all over her body now and under her arms and even on the bottom of her feet. It is the worst case I have ever seen. The doctors are trying different creams, but she has had it about 7 or 8 months and is getting worse, not better. Can you help me? I feel so sorry for her and the creams do not help. She gets rid of one and 3 more pop up.
Please can you help her? She needs help and prayers.

Thank You,
Deborah in Georgia


Hi Deborah,
Psoriasis is one of the most difficult things to treat. I know because I too have had to deal with small patches of it for 7-8 years. Thus far nothing I’ve used has worked, not even silver, but since it is not believed to be a micro-organism I wouldn’t expect silver to do any more than reduce infections from the scratching. For such a topical application ionic silver would be better than particle silver.

I‘ve done a little research to see what ‘natural’ suggestions might be available. There are a few things that are reputed to help in some cases, but the only ones I’ve tried are Flax Oil and colloidal silver. Neither has cured my problem.

In my research for your mom, I found some references in “Prescription For Nutritional Healing”  that cited five other possibilities that I didn’t know about, but will now try myself.

1)       Primrose Oil-

(I am applying topically and taking internally.)

2)       Selenium-

3)       Vitamin D3-

4)       Zinc plus copper (We also have colloidal copper.) and (we have them all in stock)


If your mom tries any of these, please let me know what her results are.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor
Utopia Silver Supplements
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