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Utopia Silver,
Can you over dose on Colloidal Silver by taking a daily dose for life?

Hi Nancy,
If by overdose you mean become very ill or ‘die’, absolutely not, unless you drown in it. J Occasionally, heavy servings initially if you have a high viral or bacterial count can cause a Herxheimer effect that is short-lived. The massive die-off of micro-organisms can cause mild flu-like symptoms and/or mild diarrhea.

The worst that “the wrong kind of silver”, (such as high ppm silver nitrate, saline silver, and gelatinous silver/silver protein) can do is cause a graying of the skin if taken in very large quantities for a long period of time. The very few examples of Argyria often cited by the mainstream news propaganda machine are cases where people took these kinds of colloidal silver in very high amounts for extended periods.

Our silver, both Advanced Colloidal Silver and Advanced Ionic Silver are produced only in distilled water, without using nitrates, animal proteins, gelatins, or salts. I have personally averaged using an ounce or more a day for the past 7-10 years. You can see my recent picture below; the only blue is in my ball cap, Wranglers and belt buckle.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor
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