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Quadruple Bypass

Three years ago I had a quadruple bypass. I have heard that EDTA can do the same thing. Can you explain how your EDTA product works and how fast. I have been having pains once again. My EKG was good on Tuesday, but they said to take 1500 mg. of niacin. Can you help me?

Linda in Colorado

Hi Linda,

…My apology for the delayed response.

If you are asking if EDTA can cleanse the arteries, there are reports to that effect, but the best products I know of for removing plaque from the arteries and increasing circulation are digestive enzymes. When taken with meals, enzymes act as a digestive aid, but when taken in larger servings on an empty stomach, they will improve circulation by reducing inflammation and even cleansing plaque from the cardio-vascular system.

How long it takes to be noticeably effective probably varies from person to person. But as an example, one of my best friends started having shortness of breath and circulation problems in his legs a year or so after having stents put in. It just so happened that he was a speaker at a Health seminar that we were sponsoring about a year ago. There was also another speaker who is an MD/ND who presented a talk on the benefit of enzymes to the cardio-vascular system. That next week my friend started on the enzyme protocol and in less than a month the improvement was dramatic. Prior to starting the enzyme protocol, he was carrying 50 lb. feed sacks between his feed shed and his animal pens and would have to stop half way to catch his breath. In that less than four week period, he was able to carry the sacks all the way without stopping.

I and most of my family and many of my friends have started doing a regular (every 3-4 months) enzyme protocol as a preventative. I am convinced that it works and for that reason, enzymes are my first recommendation rather than EDTA. But I do not discourage EDTA; in fact our Cardio EZ product contains EDTA.

For the cardio-vascular cleansing and anti-inflammation effect, take 4-6 capsules on an empty stomach morning and night. You will find the Jarrow Zymes at

WARNING: If you are taking any kind of medications, do not take them at the same time as enzymes since enzymes enhance digestion and will intensify the effects of the drugs. By that same principle, taking an enzyme cap along with your supplements can also enhance their assimilation.

Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.

Ben in Utopia

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