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Hi Utopia Silver,
I want to report my ongoing success at treating MRSA skin infections.  I haven't had a severe MRSA boil since October 08, ever since starting taking the Advanced Colloidal Silver treatment, dosage approximately one fluid ounce spaced out daily. I don't see much specificity on the web for treatment of this condition with silver (could have missed it) so I'm happy to tell my story as a benchmark for others, since I know firsthand how scary and painful it is untreated.  I'm glad to not have had to start hardcore antibiotics (though it's nice knowing what my options are)  I've been to my family doctor, and it's funny how she parroted the Blue Man story to me when I told her about the silver!

Additionally, I wanted to say that I initially found your product from comparing others and it was the best combination of consistency and price.  However, even at these prices (by the gallon) I wonder how sustainable it really is to keep warding off MRSA this way, and if there is a known dose that would finish it off for good, rather than take this for the rest of my life.


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Hi Steve,

Silver works very simply; bring it into contact with a one-celled organism and it will die, …because it disables the organism’s oxygen metabolizing enzymes. This is according to the research done by Curad, one of the world’s largest medical supply companies. The biggest variable is usually how widespread the ‘germ’ is and does it go into a protective/hibernating state as does the Herpes virus in the jaw or the base of the spine? (Herpes virus also travel the nerves which are inherently more difficult to treat than is something in the bloodstream.) The body’s liquid environments and the bloodstream are very extensive so something that is systemic may require short-term large quantities.

For more information on my personal perspective on using silver, read the article titled, “A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver” .

Thanks for your comments.

Ben in Utopia

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