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Leg Neuropathy

Dear Sir,
My sister in law who is 71 years old has a problem with her right side of the body it started a few months ago and  now she can only drag her leg she had all kinds of test done and they can’t find the cause. I thought maybe silver could help! Which silver should she take? She is in good health and can’t understand where this is coming from. Hope you can help.Thank you,
Lorraine in Missouri*****

Hi Lorraine,

Generally mainstream medicine is very good at diagnoses, so it’s surprising they don’t have some idea about the cause. It’s the cures and causes they usually get lost with.Silver may help if the issue is caused by a virus or bacteria. It can also help with inflammation and tissue regeneration. The Advanced Colloidal Silver is the best one to take orally. The ionic is good topically and when used in the eyes, ears, nose, throat. Which colloidal silver is most effective, ionic or non-ionic? One of the best anti-inflammatory healing methods is systemic enzymes (heavy doses on an empty stomach). See our Enzyme Healing Protocol I would ask if there is a mylin sheath problem, which occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the mylin sheath covering your nerves. The mylin sheath is similar to the insulation on wiring isolating the electrons from shorting out before reaching their designated target areas. Environmental/chemical poisoning, such as from herbicides and defoliants (like Agent Orange), can trigger the formation of proteins which attack and dissolve this protective insulation resulting in increasing numbness starting usually in the extremities.

Other supplements on our shelf besides enzymes that may be of benefit are: MSM, CoQ10, Vitamin D, & Omega 3s, IP-6, Acidophilis, and Membrane Complex.

You are appreciated in Utopia.