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Heal and Soothe Burns and Prevent Scarring with Natural Home Remedies

by: Tony Isaacs (SilverBulletin) When most people think of burns, fire and heat usually come to mind. While it is true that heat is the leading cause of tissue damage known as “burns”, such damage can also be caused by sunburn and other radiation, friction, electricity, or chemicals. Most burns other than the most severe ones can be treated safely and effectively with natural home remedies.

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Burns are characterized by degree, based on the severity of the tissue damage. First-degree burns cause redness and swelling in the epidermis (the outermost layers of skin). Second-degree burns also involve redness and swelling as well as blistering and the damage may extend beneath the epidermis to the deeper layers of skin (the dermis). Third-degree burns destroy the entire depth of skin and usually result in scarring, and the damage may extend to underlying fat, muscle, or bone.

The wonderful Aloe Vera plant is a top choice for healing and soothing burns. Since the active ingredient (acemannen) breaks down quickly, fresh inner leaf fillets are much preferred. Fresh Aloe Vera quickly soothes painful burns and often heals even serious burns with little or no scarring.

Lavender essential oil is a very effective antiseptic that also reduces pain and promotes rapid healing. In addition, lavender reduces scarring. When lavender oil is applied to a burn very quickly, the burn may heal with no scarring at all. For larger burns, pour lavender oil onto a gauze or cloth and apply to the burn every few hours.

A wonderful and widely available household first aid item for healing and soothing burns is diluted vinegar. Cover the burn area with a cloth soaked in diluted vinegar. Refresh the vinegar compress as often as needed, especially if the pain becomes stronger again.

Another good household item is honey, especially raw honey, which has wonderful antiseptic and healing properties. Researchers in India found that burns dressed with honey healed faster and with less pain and scarring.

The India Yunani Cotton-Ash Paste burn remedy has been used for centuries to treat even severe burns. Take a large piece of cotton wool (or any kind of pure, white cotton fabric) and burn it (perhaps in a metal pot). Use the ash of the burned cotton and mix with olive oil to get a thick paste. Spread this black paste on the burned skin and cover with a cling film. Reportedly, the pain disappears in seconds and even the accompanied shock ameliorates. If the pain comes back again, refresh the poultice and use fresh paste on the wound. Use the paste for a week or so, depending on the severity of the burns.

Another age old remedy is potato peels. Potato peels provide moisture and they also have anti-bacterial properties that help in healing. Doctors have found that potato peel bandages work better for minor burns than conventional dressings.

An effective home remedy for burns can be made by combining equal portions of barley, turmeric and yogurt. Apply the resulting paste over the affected areas for pain relief and healing.

Calendula infused oil or calendula ointment is also a good burn remedy.

Vitamins A, C, and E aid in the healing process for burns and other wounds. Zinc can help with healthier skin after the burn as well as quicker recovery time.

Last, but far from least, is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has wonderful antiseptic and healing properties and helps damaged tissue regenerate. Major hospital burn units use colloidal silver bandages and ointments. Severe burns often heal with little or no scarring.

Note: In the case of any very severe burn, seek professional medical care immediately.

Natural Remedies

Getting Rid of Splinters

by: Tony Isaacs (Silver Bulletin) Few of us have avoided the pain and aggravation of getting a splinter.  Whether the splinter is a sliver of wood, metal or glass it can be difficult to remove and sometimes painful as well.  If the splinter is not removed and removed cleanly, infection can result and sometimes the infection can become a serious one.  The next time you get a splinter, try these tips to get it out as painlessly and safely as possible:
* Hydrogen Peroxide.  Cover the area where the splinter is with hydrogen peroxide.  Often the splinter will come out within minutes.

* Take a whole egg and crack it (emptying the contents) so that only the shell remains.  Place the inside (wet side) of the shell onto the splinter for a few minutes and the splinter should work its way far enough out till you can pick it right out.

* Place a piece of duct tape over the splinter and leave on for a half hour. Then slowly peel away. The splinter should come off with the tape.

* Apply some white glue such as is used in grade school on top of the splinter and surrounding skin area and let it dry.  When you peel it off, the splinter should come out.

* Put a piece of bread over the splinter and wrap a band-aid around it, the let it set overnight and the splinter may be drawn out and attached to the band-aid by morning.  Another version of this remedy is to put a bit of milk on the bread.

* Before going to bed at night, place a very small piece of bacon fat on top of the splinter and cover with a band-aid. In the morning the splinter will usually have risen to the top where it can easily be removed.

* Make a paste with powdered laundry soap and water and rub where the splinter is (be careful not to rub too hard and drive the splinter in further) and then wait a few minutes.  Often this will draw the splinter to the surface.

* For thorns, use a piece of pantyhose to snag and pull them out. Works great for small thorns like those of cactus [needles].

* Onion or tomato.  Apply a slice of fresh onion or tomato to draw the splinter to the surface of the skin.

* Honey is also effective to help the splinter be drawn to the surface.  Apply honey to the area where the splinter is and see if it helps draw the splinter to the surface.

* When none of the above tips work to completely remove the splinter, you may need to resort to ice and tweezers.  Apply ice to the area to numb the nerves and use a sterilized (by flame and/or rubbing alcohol) tweezers.

Once the splinter has been removed, be sure to disinfect the area with hydrogen peroxide and then apply something with good antiseptic properties to prevent infection.  A combination of colloidal silver and aloe works very well, as does tea tree oil.  You can also cover the area with raw organic honey, which has superior antiseptic and healing properties.  The best of all honeys is Manuka honey, which is a good thing to keep around the house for scrapes and wounds. It is widely available in many different brands online.

Natural Remedies


• Cornstarch. Works good on humans or animals for shallow cuts. Sprinkle the wound with cornstarch, it should coagulate almost instantly.

• Cayenne Pepper. Place cayenne pepper on the wound to help it stop bleeding (it May burn) and place a band aid over it.

Himalayan Salt and water. Mix water with Himalayan salt then put on effected area.

• Ground Coffee. Pour ground coffee directly on the wound. Apply pressure to form a paste. It forms a “bandage”. If it continues to bleed, apply more coffee and get medical attention.

• Eat orange peel – it should stop some pretty bad bleeding within about 30 minutes.

• For severe bleeding in the arms and legs such as being cut in one of the major arteries, place cloth on wound and apply pressure. Apply pressure above the wound pressing the artery to the bone with your hand below your wrist where your strength is, do not use your fingers. Elevate arm or leg 8-10 inches above the wound so that blood will flow away from the wound and prevent more bleeding.

You should always call for help if someone has a major wound such as a cut artery.

A person can bleed to death within one minute if an artery is severed.

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13 Month Old

Dear Utopia Silver friends,
My name is Craig and i have been taking your colloidal silver with excellent results for over 5 years. I have not had bronchitis since i started. Also i was spared the Dengue fever when i was in the Philippines.
Now my wife and i have a 13 month old baby boy who is very active and strong. He somehow got a cold, with runny nose, little cough, sneeze, and the typical symptoms of cold/flu. How much colloidal silver can i give him?  Like two to three drops from a dropper in juice or water? Or directly in his mouth? I am very careful not to give too much, so this is why i am asking. Thanks so much for your great product and service to people.Sincerely,
Craig in California


Hi Craig,
Except in an emergency, I would refrain from giving a infant very much silver orally and certainly not in juice where it could be carried to the colon. Maybe a few drops sublingually under the tongue (so that he wouldn’t swallow much) would not be an issue and eyes, ears, nose—no problem. You can absorb quite a bit via the nose and eyes, so that might be the best option. Their digestive system is simply a little too immature and silver will kill off (at least temporarily) essential colon flora.

Ben in Utopia

Ask Utopia Silver

Silver Wire

Dear friends,
…I have used your products before and am grateful you are out there! Last month I bought some silver wire with the expectation of doing some soldering.

However, it has proven harder than it was a few years ago. That’s why I now want to buy the electrodes with the silver wire already attached. Then I just plug that into my batteries and am good to go. I made one mistake buying the silver; I don’t want to make another. I’m just checking up before I do. Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Lora in Pennsylvania


Hello Lora,
Thanks for the nice comment. The silver you have sounds like sterling silver, which is used to make jewelry. It is not pure, but contains either copper or nickel, added to the silver to make it more durable. Do not use Nickel for making colloidal silver.

Ben Taylor in Utopia

Healing Protocols

Herpes, Shingles, and Cold Sore Protocol

This information is gathered from various natural healing sources by Ben Taylor

• For any Herpes, Shingles, or Cold Sore outbreak, take ¼-1/2 oz. of Colloidal Silver per day on an empty stomach for 14-30 days while following the procedures below. Hold the colloidal silver in your mouth for as long as you can to absorb as much sublingually under the tongue as possible.

• For genital Herpes, apply 99% DMSO mixed 50/50 with colloidal silver(when DMSO is mixed with another liquid it temporarily generates a small amount of heat) to the breakout area, to the soles of the feet, and the small of the back at the base of the spine. For oral Herpes/cold sores, apply to the joint area of the jaw as well as the lips and the soles of the feet. These areas, the jaw and the base of the spine, are where the Herpes virus hibernates between outbreaks. Do this 3 times per day if possible, for 30 days. (Be sure that any area where DMSO is applied is clean as it is a super penetrating solution and can carry contaminants into the tissue.)

• Take 5-10 drops of Lugol’s Iodine daily in 4-8 ounces of water 1-3 times per week and apply a small dab of iodine directly to the herpes sores once or twice a day at different times than the DMSO and silver.

• Soak in a bath of water 3 times per week mixed with 2 quarts of 35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. Do this during the same 30 days as you are doing the other steps. (Be very careful with this concentration of H2O2 as it is very caustic and can burn you. There are also small ‘sitting tubs’ that can be used, but you must adjust the amount of the peroxide according to the size of the tub.) If you will do this step after a shower and then keep it covered, the mixture may be reused for 2 weeks or so.

• Once per day drink 8 oz of pure filtered water (not tap water containing chlorine or fluoride) mixed with 8 drops of FOOD GRADE 35% hydrogen peroxide. Do this for the same 30 days as you are doing step 1 and 2.

• Take Selenium (an anti-viral) every day (2-3 morning & night) for this same 30 day period.

• Take Enzymes every day (3-5 morning & night) for this same 30 day period. This breaks down the virus’ outer wall enabling it to be more readily killed by the silver and oxygen.

Here are two additional supplements that can be used if available.

• Take Lysine Orotate every day (2-3 morning & night) for this same 30 day period if available.

• Take Red Marine Algae as directed on the bottle during this same 30 day period if it is available.

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Pleased With Silver

We have been pleased with the colloidal silver for a few months. Considering buying a gallon, to save money, but I’m wondering what the shelf life is. Also, does it ever go on sale?

Steve in Pennsylvania


Hi Steve,
The shelf life can be indefinite if kept out of cold environments. Larger volumes tend to last longer. I have 5 gallon batch samples in storage that are virtually unchanged after 6-7 years. Nano particle silver does tend to fall out if it gets too cold, but is not affected by heat. Ionic silver is unaffected by either heat or cold.

We have a sale about twice each month. Watch for it in our Silver Bulletin Health News.

Ben in Utopia

Customer Testimonials

Sinus Infection

Dear Utopia Silver,

Thank you a million times over- I was at the end of my rope when yet another doctor diagnosed me with sinus infection…

I suffered with sinus infection for a year and a half and, finally, when the allergist I consulted said that, instead, I had “atypical facial pain” and wanted to send me to a neurologist, I decided to try and cure myself. I found my salvation at your site and I am so happy to say that I have been free of sinus infection for months, now! I use Colloidal Silver as a nasal spray, and if I feel illness coming on, I’ll take a capful, day and night. I am so pleased, you will always have my order.

God Bless you all-
Donna R.

Customer Testimonials

Colloidal Silver

I’ve used Colloidal Silver for about a year, when I rescued my dog from death row …he had developed an eye infection…

SO, I put eye drops of colloidal silver in them for about a week. Darned if it didn’t cure the problem. I had a hard time convincing the Vet, …he looked at me like I was crazy!


Customer Testimonials

Common Cold


I was still affected by allergens and after having a cold or flu I usually came away with a sinus infection that was increasingly resistant to antibiotics….

Most recently I had tried a course of treatment with a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist–which helped some until getting a slight cold which sent me back to square one. Then, while searching the web, I happened upon your site, and now feel I have found the means to be and stay well from now on! When I received my first bottle of your colloidal silver, I was suffering from severe headaches from the infection, combined with the unusually high pollen this spring. I drank two teaspoons and dripped two droppers-full into my nose before sleeping, and woke up for the first time in weeks with no headache or face pain!!! I continued to feel better over the next days, and resolved to try it for the six to eight weeks suggested for a chronic condition–both orally and in my nostrils morning and night. It works and I am now free from these ailments.Marion F