Natural Remedies


• Cornstarch. Works good on humans or animals for shallow cuts. Sprinkle the wound with cornstarch, it should coagulate almost instantly.

• Cayenne Pepper. Place cayenne pepper on the wound to help it stop bleeding (it May burn) and place a band aid over it.

Himalayan Salt and water. Mix water with Himalayan salt then put on effected area.

• Ground Coffee. Pour ground coffee directly on the wound. Apply pressure to form a paste. It forms a “bandage”. If it continues to bleed, apply more coffee and get medical attention.

• Eat orange peel – it should stop some pretty bad bleeding within about 30 minutes.

• For severe bleeding in the arms and legs such as being cut in one of the major arteries, place cloth on wound and apply pressure. Apply pressure above the wound pressing the artery to the bone with your hand below your wrist where your strength is, do not use your fingers. Elevate arm or leg 8-10 inches above the wound so that blood will flow away from the wound and prevent more bleeding.

You should always call for help if someone has a major wound such as a cut artery.

A person can bleed to death within one minute if an artery is severed.