Ask Utopia Silver

13 Month Old

Dear Utopia Silver friends,
My name is Craig and i have been taking your colloidal silver with excellent results for over 5 years. I have not had bronchitis since i started. Also i was spared the Dengue fever when i was in the Philippines.
Now my wife and i have a 13 month old baby boy who is very active and strong. He somehow got a cold, with runny nose, little cough, sneeze, and the typical symptoms of cold/flu. How much colloidal silver can i give him?  Like two to three drops from a dropper in juice or water? Or directly in his mouth? I am very careful not to give too much, so this is why i am asking. Thanks so much for your great product and service to people.Sincerely,
Craig in California


Hi Craig,
Except in an emergency, I would refrain from giving a infant very much silver orally and certainly not in juice where it could be carried to the colon. Maybe a few drops sublingually under the tongue (so that he wouldn’t swallow much) would not be an issue and eyes, ears, nose—no problem. You can absorb quite a bit via the nose and eyes, so that might be the best option. Their digestive system is simply a little too immature and silver will kill off (at least temporarily) essential colon flora.

Ben in Utopia