Healing Protocols

Herpes, Shingles, and Cold Sore Protocol

This information is gathered from various natural healing sources by Ben Taylor

• For any Herpes, Shingles, or Cold Sore outbreak, take ¼-1/2 oz. of Colloidal Silver per day on an empty stomach for 14-30 days while following the procedures below. Hold the colloidal silver in your mouth for as long as you can to absorb as much sublingually under the tongue as possible.

• For genital Herpes, apply 99% DMSO mixed 50/50 with colloidal silver(when DMSO is mixed with another liquid it temporarily generates a small amount of heat) to the breakout area, to the soles of the feet, and the small of the back at the base of the spine. For oral Herpes/cold sores, apply to the joint area of the jaw as well as the lips and the soles of the feet. These areas, the jaw and the base of the spine, are where the Herpes virus hibernates between outbreaks. Do this 3 times per day if possible, for 30 days. (Be sure that any area where DMSO is applied is clean as it is a super penetrating solution and can carry contaminants into the tissue.)

• Take 5-10 drops of Lugol’s Iodine daily in 4-8 ounces of water 1-3 times per week and apply a small dab of iodine directly to the herpes sores once or twice a day at different times than the DMSO and silver.

• Soak in a bath of water 3 times per week mixed with 2 quarts of 35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. Do this during the same 30 days as you are doing the other steps. (Be very careful with this concentration of H2O2 as it is very caustic and can burn you. There are also small ‘sitting tubs’ that can be used, but you must adjust the amount of the peroxide according to the size of the tub.) If you will do this step after a shower and then keep it covered, the mixture may be reused for 2 weeks or so.

• Once per day drink 8 oz of pure filtered water (not tap water containing chlorine or fluoride) mixed with 8 drops of FOOD GRADE 35% hydrogen peroxide. Do this for the same 30 days as you are doing step 1 and 2.

• Take Selenium (an anti-viral) every day (2-3 morning & night) for this same 30 day period.

• Take Enzymes every day (3-5 morning & night) for this same 30 day period. This breaks down the virus’ outer wall enabling it to be more readily killed by the silver and oxygen.

Here are two additional supplements that can be used if available.

• Take Lysine Orotate every day (2-3 morning & night) for this same 30 day period if available.

• Take Red Marine Algae as directed on the bottle during this same 30 day period if it is available.

Customer Testimonials

Nebulizer and Colloidal Silver & Shingles

Hi, Ben!

…I’m receiving good results from the silver and nebulizer!
I had been up in the wee hours the morning that M. met with you and I had discovered during my online research that the neb/silver was “the ticket”!  Great testimonies and I was already a fan of CS.  IVs of CS and B12 had cured my shingles a few years ago.  Thanks for including the other items—using faithfully!

Mary in SA, Texas

Ask Utopia Silver


Will colloidal silver cure my Herpes?

K. X. in New Jersey


Hi K,

I can’t guarantee a cure for anything, but if the Herpes, Shingles, and Cold Sore Protocol is followed it will generally either put it in remission or significantly extend the time between outbreaks. Everyone and their bodies are different, so there is only one way to find out. To increase the odds of success, I would certainly get on a low junk food diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, but stay away from too much coffee and chocolate.

Good Luck.
Ben in Utopia

Customer Testimonials


Dear Sir,

I am so glad I did not return or stop taking this product do to the vomiting, it has help me tremendously. I went on line and read that when you first start taking this product it can make you vomit, because it is cleansing and destroying bacteria, so I continued to take it and my shingles and shingle pain are gone, so I reordered this time 9 bottles because I never want to be with out, also I was up in the mountains in ukiah and had laid down to go to bed and started coughing I reached over on the nite stand and took a swallow of the colloidal silver the coughing stopped and has not returned, and to think I almost stopped taking it and

Please keep making you wonderful products