Natural Remedies

Urinary Tract Infections

• At the first sign of a bladder infection, drink large amounts of purified water to flush bacteria out of the bladder.

Colloidal silver is probably the best single product one can use for urinary tract infections, whether in the bladder or kidneys. Particle silver is best for this since the silver must pass through the stomach and ionic silver is generally converted to silver chloride when it combines with stomach acid.

• Cranberry juice. Drink a quart or more of unsweetened cranberry juice every day until symptoms subside. (Avoid cranberry juice sweetened with sugar or other concentrated sweeteners because sugar feeds the bacteria.) OR if you desire a more concentrated form, try Cranberry Concentrate or Cran Forte ; they are very good substitutes for juices.

Colloidal copper also has anti-ceptic properties and is especially good in with combination with Zinc as these elements are both important in the healing of damaged tissues.

Vitamin C . Increase vitamin C intake to 500 mg every couple of hours to create a more acidic environment in the bladder and urinary tract, which will discourage bacterial growth. If you have diarrhea when taking that much vitamin C, cut back on the amount until you no longer have loose stools, and you'll know that you've reached your tolerance level.

Acidophilus and a Probiotic are needed to restore essential bacteria when using colloidal silver and other ant-biotic supplements.

 • Calcium and Magnesium are effective in reducing bladder irritability and are essential to the proper muscular functioning of the bladder, which as a muscle must have a full range of contraction to eliminate urine.

Blueberry juice. Drink blueberry juice when you feel a urinary tract infection coming on. It contains compounds that fight the infection by preventing troublesome bacteria from adhering to the walls of your urinary tract. Down one to two eight ounce glasses of 100 percent blueberry juice daily until the infection disappears. If you buy blueberry juice cocktail, drink four glasses a day.

• It is best not to have intercourse if you have kind of urinary tract infection, but if you must, wash the vaginal area before and after sex with goldenseal tea. Pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of powdered goldenseal. Cover, let steep until cool, and strain before using. Colloidal silver can also be used the same way.

• Echinacea, Oregon Grape Root and Goldenseal can be helpful in fighting infection; take two capsules three times a day or a half-teaspoon of a tincture every hour in acute cases.

• For a more severe infection, combine equal parts of pipsissewa, buchu, echinacea, and uva ursi tinctures. Take 20 drops every two hours for the first two days and then one teaspoon four times a day until the infection clears. Drink a demulcent tea such as marshmallow root at the same time to counter the strong antiseptic effect of uva ursi.

If you still have symptoms after two days or if your symptoms worsen, see your doctor, preferably one who is also trained as a naturopathic doctor.

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