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American Healthcare: Disease Management, Not Cure

by Gary Tunsky

What is intentionally misnamed health care for political and economic reasons should be adequately called “sick care.” This gigantic, self-feeding, social cancer is bankrupting our nation and the global economy at a whopping 1.3 trillion dollars a year, with over 90 percent of the money spent in the last 30 days of human life.

Mass media propaganda covers the daily arguments of puppet politicians ignorantly presenting their hopelessly pathetic plans of how to manage health care, when in reality their health care programs fund and support expensive treatments for symptom suppression of disease and illness, not cures. Real health care is diametrically opposed in method and process to toxic pharmaceuticals and risky surgical procedures. It’s sick care, which has nothing to do with health.

We need to closely examine the misdirection of this illusionary pseudoscience called health care, that bases their scientific research on false premises of the Germ Theory of Disease. Many doctors from their own ranks are openly admitting that conventional medicine is a colossal failure and a disease epidemic in and of itself, claiming more lives annually than alcohol, abortions, homicides, suicides and tobacco combined.

Millions have suffered and died prematurely and unnecessarily because we are not following the basic principles of health that are taught in the Bible.  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”   (Hosea 4:6)  Out of ‘ignore – ance’ (ignoring the truth), we have sought the medical profession for health care when they’re trained for sick care! We have sick care insurance, not health care insurance. As a serious consequence, we are the sickest nation in the world.  This so-called health care system is the direct cause of over 1.2 million people dying annually of heart disease, over 600,000 dying of cancer and approximately 75,000 dying from diabetes. These deadly statistics mean that eventually 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. will die of some type of disease.  That means only 1 out of 10 Americans will die naturally from old age.  Is there something wrong with this picture?   

According to a Yale/New Haven Hospital study, two million Americans are hospitalized each year with adverse reactions from drug side effects resulting in over 300,000 deaths. This puts doctors and hospitals as the third leading cause of death in America.  These staggering statistics are filed under the guise of iatrogenic deaths, meaning doctor and hospital caused death.  These numbers do not include the 50,000 plus deaths that occur each year from “unnecessary operations,” nor does it include the additional 50,000 plus deaths from “necessary operations,” such as the 8,000 who die from complications during a routine gall bladder surgery.

It seems that more money, more doctors, more surgeries, more research, more drugs = more disease and more death.  The use of poisons and butchery to “make war” on disease is synonymous to a firing squad forming a circle with the prisoners in the center. Thank God the Holy Spirit enlightened me to the dangerous teachings and methods being used for treatment by mainstream medicine.  Unfortunately, it’s a tragedy that God’s people follow their pernicious teachings and allow them to drug, burn, poison and mutilate their bodies, which are temples of God.

How Long Shall The World Be Of Two Opinions?

There are really only two systems at work in this world. One is the world system of drug, cut, burn and poison.  The other is God’s system of re-establishing total health to the patient by proper nutrition and cleansing the temple. When it comes to feeding and taking care of the physical body, over 97% of the people in this world are following the world’s system!  Sadly, this includes most of the Christian Community
as well.

The Bible says: “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God (your physical body), and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?  If any man defile the temple of God (put anything harmful into it), him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”  (I Corinthians 3:16-17)

An intake of daily toxins defiles the body by defiling the blood, which is the life of the flesh.  The word defile is composed of “de” and “file.”  A “file” is anything that is in order.  When “de” is added to “file,” it means to take out of order, or balance.  In fact, Webster’s Dictionary defines “defile” as: to make filthy or to profane.  Whoever defiles (or profanes) the temple of God, him shall God destroy.  God allows the destruction of the physical body when you allow it to become polluted through free moral choice of bad eating habits and destructive lifestyles.

Another great biblical passage that is applicable to dealing with disease comes from the mouth of the prophet Elijah. While Elijah was atop Mount Carmel to confront the prophets of Baal he proclaimed to the nation of Israel:  “How long halt ye between two opinions? If The LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him…”  (I Kings 18:21)

When it comes to taking care of God’s temple (your body), as we just read in Corinthians, are you going to trust in the LORD and follow His healing methods, or Baal and his destructive anti-life methods that defile the temple? The choice is up to you!

The Deception Of Modern Medicine
There is no doubt that the script happy physician, the surgeon with his talented hand guiding the scalpel or Argon laser during an appendectomy, the highly trained radiologist burning his targeted organ with beams of cobalt radiation, or the well trained oncologist mixing his chemo cocktail poisons, believes with all their heart they are providing the best treatment medical science has to offer.  To the limited extent of their knowledge and training these practitioners receive, this is true. They can jump-start your heart, Roto Rooter your arteries, sow on a severed finger with microsurgery, cauterize a hemorrhage to keep you from bleeding to death, but they have no clue how to reverse any degenerative or metabolic disease, or even acknowledge the causative factors of disease. They are limited to symptom suppression or removal of the tissue or organ.

During the past 100 years, there has been an explosion of mind boggling technological advancements that have brought us from the horse and buggy, to stealth fighter jets that break the sound barrier at Mach III speeds, to fiber-optic wireless communication systems that link the world at a touch of a button, to enemy of the state GPS satellite surveillance systems that can zoom in on a dime from outer space.  Yet, in the area of disease research, in spite of over 40 billion dollars being funneled into government research facilities within the last 30 years, they have done absolutely nothing when it comes to finding answers for curing cancer, AIDS, auto-immune diseases, degenerative diseases or even the common cold for that matter.

Why is this? When we have accumulated more knowledge in medicine in the 20th century alone than all of history combined. Why? With dozens of non-profit organizations in existence today like the American Heart Association, American Diabetic Society, American Cancer Society, etc. raising billions to find cures. Why? With more doctors and surgeons per capita in America (1 for every 6 citizens), than any other country on earth. Believe it or not, there is a very simple explanation as to why sickness and disease has increased five fold in the last 70 years. Medical science is looking in the wrong direction.

The Deadly Effects Of The Drug Agenda

The medical establishment’s obsession of the kill mode mindset – kill the bacteria, kill the fungus, kill the virus and kill the tumors has brought about the biggest deception that has ever been perpetrated against mankind.  As a research scientist myself, I have to ask – what are they killing?  What they are killing is symptoms and killing you slowly while they’re doing it.  You can’t kill microbes without killing a part of you with it. We live symbiotically with germs, bacteria and viruses.

The big problem in our present medical system is that it is geared toward recognizing disease only when it has reached crisis proportions. This is like saying that a fire is only a fire when the flames have burst through the roof, instead of when the cigarette butt began to smolder in the couch.

If all you’re ever taught in Med school is the knowledge of trauma, crisis and emergency medicine, drug the symptom or cut out the body part, and that toxic side effects are expected to cure the disease, how can you possibly know how to get a patient to a healthy state, which is the only way to reverse disease? It’s as if we spend time and resources hiring skilled specialists to repair a crack in the ceiling with spackle and paint when the root of the problem is a structural weakness in the building’s foundation – the body’s nutritional foundation.

Shattering The Germ Theory Of Disease

Like dogs chasing their own tails, scientists go cross-eyed looking at elephants under a microbe-scope to discover new disease causing germs, when germs and microorganisms do not cause disease all by their microscopic selves. They only take advantage of us when our bodies are in a weakened state burdened by toxins.  Sickness is not caused by bacteria, but bacteria comes with the sickness. Enlightened understanding is that germs are not the cause of disease any more than flies and maggots cause garbage.  Flies, maggots and rats do not cause garbage but rather feed on garbage.  They are there as a result of the garbage. They are scavengers.

That’s why I refer to the Germ Theory of medicine as the “rat theory of garbage.”  That is, if germs cause disease, then rats must cause garbage.  Show me a building that’s full of rats and I’ll show you a building that’s full of garbage and has sanitation problems.  Show me a person who has accumulated waste matter in organs and tissues, low oxygen levels, weakened immune system, nutritional deficiencies and an acidic pH environment and I will show you cancer, bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections. They seek their own habitat or growth medium.  

It has become abundantly clear that Louis Pasteur, the father of the pasteurization process to kill bacteria for extended shelf life, was correct when he declared on his death bed “I was wrong – it is not the germs or bacteria that are the enemy but rather the inner condition of the human body’s cellular terrain that is really the answer.”

Antoine Béchamp, Gunther Enderlein, Victoria Livingston-Wheeler, Gaston Naessens, Rudolph Virchow, Claude Bernard and other pioneers in research fields of cell physiology, microbiology, disease pathology and molecular biology all proved beyond a shadow of a doubt many decades ago that germs and bacteria don’t cause disease, they develop in a disease environment and are pleomorphic in nature, meaning they change forms based on the inner condition of the cellular environment. So why would mainstream science continue to look in the wrong direction of  Pasteur’s Germ Theory of Disease when it has long been proven that germs and bacteria are secondary, not primary causes to disease? Because around it exists a colossal infrastructure of commercial interests that supports a multi-billion dollar industry based upon this theory.

A powerful statement made by Florence Nightingale that was published in the book Bèchamp or Pasteur?  A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology, summed up the disease doctrine in precise detail.  “The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession.  There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease-conditions.”  This statement was made back in the early 1900s, and nothing has changed. It destroys the mind-set of modern medical science. They are looking in a thousand different directions and slapping disease names on disease symptoms when symptoms are just an outward expression of one disease – a disease condition to a patient.

Until medical science comes to grips with this reality they will be chasing their tails around in the dark for another thousand years.  The truth is there is only one underlying condition in all patients, which happens to manifest in a variety of outward signs and symptoms depending on the internal weaknesses of the individual.  For one person it may manifest as heart disease and in another, it may manifest as rheumatoid arthritis. It just depends on where the body’s weak links or dead zones are where the toxins and poisons have settled due primarily from an inverted way of eating and living.  All disease has an internal cellular explanation, and medical science is looking for external, destructive, symptom-suppression solutions.
The entire worldwide medical establishment today has built their house of cards around this false doctrine.  This is analogous to Satan establishing his global kingdom in the end times entirely on deception as the Bible records. Neither will stand in the light of truth, and that’s what this article is about – revealing the true cause of disease.  This global medical cabal that is deceiving the world consists of pharmaceutical companies, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), top universities and a host of other international organizations and corporations.

Another reason for ignoring the truth and not allowing research on the body’s susceptibility to disease, it’s emotional state, physical state, spiritual state and response to its external environment, is that it would completely nullify the results of countless experiments on which medical theory has built its house of cards.  If the underpinning cards should fall, the whole medical system would come tumbling down.  

Med students are only taught two ways to treat disease.  That is, you either cut it out with risky surgical procedures, or blast it out with drugs, chemo or radiation.  They also learn that if one drug or surgical procedure doesn’t work, then you try another. If that doesn’t work, then you try yet another.  This ridiculous, flip-of-a coin, guinea pig approach is the only treatment modality allowed by organized medicine.   This controlled teaching has led to the mechanical view of the human body’s inner workings being independent and non-related like a bunch of car parts. They’re taught that the heart is separate from the lungs, the stomach is separate from the liver and the mind is separate from the body. It’s a proven fact that the human body works synergistically with all ten systems simultaneously working together like a flowing river.

Medical students are further brainwashed into believing that if they can’t see it in a blood profile or an MRI, hear it in a stethoscope, or feel it in a palpitation, it’s not there – it’s all in the patient’s head.   Most people know that stress causes ulcers and heart attacks and anger can cause cancer.  But stress, anger and depression can’t be measured by any diagnostic tool in mainstream medicine. Therefore, emotions and spirit are not a factor in disease origin according to mainstream medical practitioners.

Worshipping God Or Science?

Today we accept and, in a sense, worship science and everything medical science teaches, never questioning whether their pronouncements are the truth or not.  We don’t question the fact that all that is needed to become an expert in a particular field is to earn a degree at one of these “worldly” universities. To earn that degree, all that is necessary is to take the required courses in the chosen subject and agree with what you are taught without questioning whether the information is valid or not, and then receive passing grades.

But the question we never think to ask is this: what if what they are teaching in these universities is not the full truth? Doctors are taught that the symptoms are the disease, nutrition and what you eat has nothing to do with the disease process, and the body’s organs and systems work separately from one another. What would they have a degree in? They would have a degree in error, or a degree in ignorance! Another prime example of a so-called expert hiding behind a degree is a dietician. They go to school for four years to learn nutrition and look at what they allow our children to eat at public schools and hospitals: hot dogs, pizza, French fries, sodas and sugar-laden beverages, Fritos, Doritos, sugary desserts, etc.

Allopathic physicians are programmed like robots therefore, they practice like robots. They are taught systematically based on patient’s symptoms from their “Bible,” The Physicians Desk Reference, which states that; if there is inflammation, prescribe an anti-inflammatory. If there’s an infection, pump them full of antibiotics or sulfa drugs. If the patient has a migraine or cluster headache, prescribe an analgesic or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. If there is fluid retention, prescribe a diuretic. If they suffer from depression, write a prescription for Prozac, Zoloft or Paxil. If they suffer from gastric bloating or heartburn, prescribe an antacid.

However, doctors never stop to ask themselves what’s causing these symptoms. That’s analogous to a firefighter continually spraying the smoke coming out of the windows instead of putting out the fire. The smoke is the symptom of a fire, not the cause of a fire. With this type of magic bullet linear mentality, it puts them in the category of a symptom specialist, not a doctor. A true doctor gets to the core of the disease and establishes health to the patient by teaching the patient the right pathway to healing.   In fact, the word doctor literally means to teach. So what are they teaching other than how to take a script to their pharmacist?  How can you establish health and healing with toxic pharmaceuticals, chemo agents or radiation? They are at best molded into legal script writers for the drug companies.  Their wrists are tied by bureaucratic tape with HMO’s and PPO’s controlling what prescriptions they write and what diagnostic tests to use. Symptoms and disease are separate entities, and doctors are taught that they are one and the same.

Exposing The Hypocrisy Behind Pharmaceutical Drugs

I used to get angry at the doctors and their narrow mindedness, but the LORD showed me it is the system and its education, not the doctors.  Physicians are brainwashed and purposely kept in the dark by a multi-billion dollar drug industry. It is repaid for its investments of grant money pooled into medical schools by the student protégés trained to write countless prescriptions for the drug companies whether the patient needs them or not.

This drug-financed educational system continues to educate practicing physicians on the latest drugs and machines by sending suit-and-tie pharmaceutical representatives that know little, if anything, about pharmaceutical chemistry or its side effects, and have no formal training in medicine. The scary thing is these legal drug dealers, who only have a two year college degree, get paid by commission. So they wine and dine the physicians with bribery and coercion tactics like free mobile phone service or all expense paid vacations for two to the Caribbean. Where do you think you’re getting the free drug samples that are administered from behind the counter? The truth is, you’re the guinea pig for the new drug study.

A perfect example of this hypocrisy and fraud deals with the clinical studies the pharmaceutical companies conduct before getting a new drug approved by the FDA.  The only way to conduct a genuine clinical trial is to use participants who all have the same health status and identical stress levels. They also must be in the same controlled environment for the duration of the trial. This means eating the same breakfast, lunch and dinner. If these measures are not taken, then it’s like flipping a coin as to how the new drug will react. Because of the exuberant costs and difficult task in conducting a set variable drug study, it is never done. Instead, pharmaceutical companies use three thousand participants who are all bio-chemically unique with random characteristics.

For example, in one clinical trial a participant may be on Ritalin while being tested with the new drug.  Another, a teenage girl, may be taking the pill.  And a senior citizen may be ingesting six different medications mixed with the new drug chemistry. You cannot do a true valid drug study this way. Clinical trials are a deceptive ploy to give comfort or security to the ignorant masses to pacify them, and make the people believe they did the research and product safety measures. Most people believe the FDA tests new drugs but they don’t. They rely solely on the information that is submitted to them by the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA is nothing more than a rubber stamp agency for the pharmaceutical industry and was established by them to buy credibility among the public for drugs that are known to be toxic and destructive.

Thus we see the medical establishment as sound business practice, not sound scientific research. They keep this charade going by funneling drug company profits into education through the medical schools, by supporting the American Medical Association, by using journal advertising to promote their drugs and by padding the pockets of the FDA to protect their vested interest.  The entire financial circle depends upon the continued flow of high priced drugs, diagnostic equipment, surgery and revolving door office visits.  Why would they want health care or implement cures for disease?   

The result? Non-toxic treatments and nutritional solutions are ignored, discouraged or rejected outright, ultimately leading to a health care system (misnamed for political and economic reasons) that actively promotes sickness and disease. Mainstream physicians are taught that outside intervention is needed with all disease treatments and they stumble around in the dark not realizing that drug therapy is virtually useless. Instead of leaving the patient alone and allowing the disease to run its course, as in the case of the common cold or flu, they create more problems with the toxic side effects of their Band-Aid symptom suppression therapies.

Most people, including doctors, research scientists and corrupt politicians are ignorant to the simple fact that there is only one way to prevent and reverse every degenerative disease that plagues mankind: establish health to the patient by feeding the built-in, self-healing systems. Health and disease cannot coexist any more than fire and water. A healthy cellular environment and healthy immune system drowns out disease. If you have a dark room, you simply turn on the light. Light dissipates darkness. Health dissipates disease. Either health or disease dominates the body. Which one dominates yours?

So the 64,000 dollar question is – what in mainstream medicine’s tool box addresses any of the necessary factors for establishing health to the patients cells and immune system? The disappointing answer is –  nothing!

Name one drug that addresses nutritional deficiencies for repairing cellular damage! Name one antibiotic that does not cause resistant strains in the future! Name one drug that cures degenerative disease! Name one drug, surgery, chemo agent or radiation treatment that cures cancer! Name one drug that boosts and modulates the immune system! Name one drug that has nutrient building materials for the cells! Name one drug that does not have multiple side effects! There is nothing that any pharmaceutical can do but give temporary palliative symptom relief, mimic or counterfeit what the body already produces, or destroy pathogens temporarily. At best, drugs mimic or manipulate existing cell chemistry, to either speed up or slow down organ and system function, while creating a toxic residue by-product and an acidic environment that sets up a perfect growth medium for disease pathogens in the future.

De-mystifying The Disease Myth

Viruses, bacteria, fungal forms and parasites seek their own environment, just like flies, mosquitoes and vultures. Picture a stagnant swamp compared to a flowing vibrant river.  A stagnant swamp has little life, fungus and green algae growing on the top of the water, and brown decaying agriculture in the external environment, which attracts mosquitoes, bugs and insects. A flowing river has life that exudes colorful flowers and green plants and trees that repel bugs and insects.  The same is true for a healthy body that repels unwanted viruses and bacteria.

A diseased body has no blood circulation or lymphatic flow. This leads to stagnation in weak tissues and organs, which sets up shop for disease pathogens to migrate and grow into diseased tissue.  As Dr. Robert Young says in his book, Sick And Tired: Reclaim Your Inner Terrain, “There is only one physiological disease –  the over-acidification of the body, due primarily to an inverted way of eating and living. This over-acidification leads to the one sickness, or primary symptom – the overgrowth in the body of microorganisms, whose poisons produce the symptoms we call ‘diseases’.” Some of these symptoms manifest as diarrhea, runny nose, thick mucous secretions, fever and profuse sweating, which science calls disease.

Most people in today’s world still have a hazy idea as to what constitutes a disease. They believe it to be something mysterious that attacks them, and that there is very little they can do about it. So in their confusion, they run to their doctor for every ache and pain, cold, cough, fever, or rash, expecting some sort of magic “silver bullet” prescription cure before they leave the office. People associate a prescription drug with good doctor care while the Bible clearly warns us of the deception of pharmaceuticals. “By Thy sorceries were all nations deceived…” (Revelation 18:24)  In the Greek concordance sorcery is defined as pharmakeia, or pharmacy.

So before I begin the de-mystification of the 10,001 diseases, which in reality are the same disease originating from the same cause, I need to make one point clear.  The human body strives for health, not sickness.  The path of least resistance for the body is a natural state of health that calls for the least amount of energy and electrical force expended.  The body’s mind, spirit and soul fights to maintain healthy balance and homeostasis 24 hours a day. Health is God’s path of least resistance.

The truth is, the laws of health are never broken.  We can only break ourselves against them.  God’s laws of health and vitality are set in motion just like the law of gravity.  If you attempt to break the law of gravity by jumping out of a 10 story window, you will only break yourself against a slab of concrete and illustrate the law in action. The same is true for anyone who goes against the law of health by continued ingestion of foodless foods, toxic beverages, pharmaceuticals, breathing industrial contaminant and long-term stress conditions. Often times you have to go against the grain for decades to manifest sickness and disease.

This may be hard for some people to swallow, but it is their own lack of knowledge, or failure to use and apply that knowledge that has brought about their ill condition.  All degenerative and metabolic diseases are merely the end point of progressive, accumulated, toxic waste matter suffocating a particular tissue or organ that’s too weak to clean house.  Therefore, there is but one disease.  A disease condition in a weak organ due to insufficient drainage and deficient, intelligent nutrients at the cellular level. This sets up a toxic, low oxygen, acidic, damp cellular environment which breeds disease pathogens.

One Disease – Many Labels

So arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are the same disease.  It just so happens through genetic disposition that the target areas — or weak links — of an arthritic patient are the joints. This is where the toxic accumulation of uric acid crystals, purines, lactic acid and other debris suffocate the cells that manufacture synovial fluid and bursae fluid (joint lubricating fluids).  In a diabetic patient, the beta cells in the pancreas that synthesize insulin for glucose regulation are the weak link in the chain. Excess toxins from the bloodstream are dumped into the pancreas coating the insulin receptors, causing insulin resistance, leading to diabetes. A cardiovascular patient’s target organs of toxic accumulation are the heart and lung tissue, which effect the cells that are involved in heart and respiratory function, and so on.

Readers, this is your real wake up call!  Medical science in their ignorance (ignoring the truth), have been on the wrong track all along.  For seventy years, scientists have been studying germs, viruses and bacteria. They should have been studying the inner condition of the body’s cellular terrain that sets the stage as a growth medium for deadly microbes.  The viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites infiltrate only when there is diseased tissue – a  food source if you will. You will never see bacterial infections, viral infections, systemic candida ablicans problems, or cancer in an alkaline pH, highly oxygenated, nutritive rich, healthy cellular environment with a strong immune system and strong filtration and circulatory systems.

You don’t blame the mosquitoes for the stagnant swamp. Mosquitoes and flies seek the stagnant waters. The vultures are not the culprit, you blame the dead rabbit. The answer has been with us since the beginning of the human race.  Drain the body’s tissues and cells of its accumulated poison – its toxic soup – feed it properly with intelligent living nutrients – and the miracle of healing occurs. Anyone who takes appropriate action need no succumb to cancer or any other disease. So, we find the cause of degenerative disease chiefly to be two-fold. Insufficient nutrition, creating weakened cells from improper drainage, leading to congestive toxicosis.  It certainly follows that correction of ill health would not be toxic pharmaceuticals and risky surgical procedures. It would be assisting the filtration organs to cleanse the waste poisons from the body, and provide intelligent nutrients to the bloodstream for delivery to the cells. This way the various organs can function at optimal levels.   

Every day your body is assailed by billions of germs, many of which can instigate illness or even death.  Yet you stay well.  Countless bacteria, viruses and microbes gain entry into your body through the food you ingest, the air you breathe, or through breaks in your skin.  Yet you stay well.  Why?  Because you can’t live without germs. There is a symbiotic relationship between good and bad bacteria that is necessary for survival, kind of like how nature keeps the overgrowth of rabbits in check with foxes. Some of them establish permanent residence in your mouth, your nose, your throat, or your intestines, where there are several pounds of soil- based microorganisms that multiply exponentially.  Yet you stay well.  If you have four people in a closed elevator with one coughing and sneezing from a recent cold and one out of the three contracts a head cold 24 hours later, while the other two remain healthy, what prevented the other two from getting sick? Diseased germs need appropriate soil to grow in – diseased tissues.

What modern medicine fails to understand is that bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi and parasites are there for a reason. They flourish as scavengers at the site of diseased tissue. They are there to clean up your mess.  They are drawn by dead cells, hardened mucous, dried blood, pus and an acidic dirty kitchen environment.  If you leave dirty dishes in the sink, breadcrumbs on the floor and honey on the counter for a few days, you will witness a variety of creepy crawlers coming out of nowhere.  Rats in your basement are there for a reason; you have garbage and old decaying boxes and debris laying around. The same is true for the human body. Through ingestion of acidic foods, toxic beverages and environmental contaminant, you create a food source for scavengers, like parasites, to breed and feed.

Time For Shifting Directions

The time is right for a paradigm shift to intelligent self-care and learning the intelligent mechanisms behind God’s magnificent, self-healing autogenic system – a process termed autogenics. We need a new level of understanding about the body’s own inherent, innate ability to heal itself.  The process witnessed from a cut in the finger or a broken bone.  It’s not the Band-Aid that heals the cut, nor the cast that heals the broken bone.  It’s the combined nutrients of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxygen, essential fatty acids and sunlight that are carried via the bloodstream to the diseased or injured area for complete healing.  It’s time for a real wake-up call to the true causes of nearly all diseases and the direct enemies of self-healing. Its technical name is Congestive Toxicosis.  It is the greatest threat to human lives in these end times.

Divine Design Of Symptoms

Disease is nothing more than the outworking of the natural law of autogenics; a natural, self-propelling process of the body’s inherent ability to remove the toxic accumulation in and around the cells.  Its removal methods are the uncomfortable purging mechanisms of diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, coughing, runny nose and fever that usually makes us run to the doctor.

Out of ignorance, doctors look at these symptoms as unnecessary, non-purposeful, insignificant nuisances, and in their limited understanding they stop the fever, stop the runny nose, stop the sweating and stop the cough with their “anti”-medications and, in doing so, shove the toxic waste back down your throat or back into the bloodstream and tissues, prolonging your illness by giving symptomatic relief.

A fever is an intelligent system to destroy viruses and bacteria in order to burn up the waste matter and trigger immune system production of white blood cells and immune regulator. The pores of the skin open for profuse sweating to allow excretion of toxins. A runny nose is an intelligent mechanism to flush out toxic matter out of the sinus membranes trapped by watery mucous.

Every symptom has innate intelligence the human body has been endowed with by God to purge, excrete or flush poisonous waste accumulation through one or more of the elimination channels: via the skin, colon, nose, lungs, ears and urinary tract.  What do you think the flu is?  Every symptom of a cold or flu is a symptom of detoxification.  The symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, coughing up thick mucous, and chills which generate heat are all healing crisis cleansing reactions to allow you to heal.

All Pharmaceutical Drugs Go Against Life – They Are Antis!

The drug companies tell you straight-out that they are going against your body’s healing mechanisms by the contraindications of their drugs. The mainstream philosophy of drug treatments do not cure, nor can they.  They suppress.  They are counterproductive and antagonistic in their nature, and for this reason they are called antis (meaning against).  Antispasmodics, antihypertensives, antianxiety agents, antidepressants, antacids, antiryhthmics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, anti-diuretics, antitusives, receptor antagonists, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, protease inhibitors and even antibiotics, which mean against bio or against life.

Probiotics are supportive of life, antibiotics destroy life by destroying good aerobic bacteria needed in the intestinal mucousa to combat bad anaerobic microbes like candida, helicobactor pylori, staph and streptococcus and other bacterial strains.  Staph infection’s (from the bacteria staphylococci) resistance to penicillin in 1960 was 13%.  The same Staph infection’s resistance to penicillin in 1988 was 91%. In the year 2004, some laboratories show evidence that it has climbed to 97% resistance. You will soon witness the fulfillment of the scriptures predicting a third of mankind dying of pestilence and plagues.  That’s two billion people.

All “Anti” medication goes against body systems and for this reason have multiple side effects.  You cannot suppress, manipulate or mimic one body system without throwing off three or four more systems.  All pharmaceuticals are counteractive and suppressive in nature, even to the point of suppressing your own body’s self healing – autogenic — process. On a short-term basis, in critical emergency situations, we should be grateful for the suppressive quality of pharmaceuticals that allows you time to deal with the causative issues triggering disease symptoms. For this I have no objection at all. That is, drug therapy for the short-term control of severe conditions such as states of trauma, severe migraine headaches, excruciating pain, hemorrhage, heart attacks, strokes, chronic insomnia, etc. If you can’t get out of bed to go to work because of a severe migraine then yes, take an analgesic pain medication. If you can’t sleep then yes, take something for your insomnia. In the meantime, address the causative factors of the headache or insomnia and wean off the medications. To rely on any drug for long-term maintenance to suppress symptoms without addressing the causes creates two dangerous situations.

First, you are building an accumulative risk because by their nature drug weapons are strong, destructive and toxic. They build bodily residues forming an acidic pH. Your doctor’s desire to fix or give symptomatic relief is often offset by side effects of toxicity, literally poisoning you and driving the disease deeper.

The second and less visible, but potentially more serious danger is the strengthening of the disease process over time instead of getting rid of the problem. For instance, scaly, itchy, cracked skin can go away on the surface (if treated medically as a symptom) with cortisone cream, but can also be driven deeper into vital organs.

The Dangerous Side Effects Of Treating Symptoms And Not Causes Of Disease

A 48-year-old patient of mine had this very problem.  Prednisone and other anticortical, anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by her mainstream physician relieved some of her problems with a skin rash. However, one year later she developed a pulmonary lung disease where the normal tissues of the lungs became fibrous and her breathing was taxed. Her hands were pink and soft, but her lungs were being crippled and becoming resistant to all the counter-productive powers of the drugs administered to her by conventional medicine. Her condition spiraled so low that she was given up on. She was sent home to get her affairs in order for preparation for her death, and to spend the remainder of her life with her family. Painkillers were being administered to ease the pain of her last days on earth.  This is a perfect example of the magical shell game and illusionary medicine that goes on daily in hospitals and doctors’ offices. They switch you from one disease to the next, until it manifests into a full-blown trauma sickness that needs surgical intervention, or extensive hospital stays creating their own business.
Upon the referral of a friend, I decided to take on this deathbed situation, and I taught her how to work with her illness instead of against it with non-toxic treatment methods. After a full-body cleanse and the rebuilding of her nutrient deficiencies (along with her immune system), her body’s self-healing systems were activated. Six months later she went back to her doctor who happily declared her healthy and in complete remission of her disease.  This ignorance continues to this day with physicians giving placebo scripts for antibiotics to treat viral infections when they should know that antibiotics work solely on bacteria, not viruses.  


So the important question is, what if symptoms are really a part of the built in autogenic healing process? The body’s own innate ability to cure itself just like a runny nose, coughing, diarrhea and fever to cure the flu. What if the symptoms of disease were the drainage process of the toxicosis, the removal of the toxic soup to establish a healthy cell environment? This would mean, if you cured the symptom with an “anti” medication, you have killed the cure! An example of this is the treatment for the common cold.

If science could produce a cold-inhibiting drug, what would the side effect be of stopping the elimination of all the cell waste normally thrown off by cold symptoms? If you stop a cold, you stop what the body is trying to accomplish with the action of a cold. You stop the healing and the cure.

It is ironic and indeed pathetic that human beings, potentially the highest form of intelligence on this planet, have managed to build the vast pharmaceutical industry on the central purpose of poisoning the lowest forms of life on the planet – germs. They substitute artificial therapy over natural, they substitute chemical therapy over nutritional, and substitute poisons over food. Then when we get sick from these poisons, we treat ourselves with another poison (drugs) to try to correct the body’s reactions to the slow poisoning and nutrient starvation and add to the existing toxins while doing it.

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