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Utopia Silver,
Several months ago my boyfriend tested HIV positive. It was a real shock to both of us because we've been together for 4 years and he had a blood transfusion outside united states, perhaps this is how he got infected. We both were scared and didn't know what to do. After i run set of tests i found out that i am HIV negative and after digging deeper i found out that i am one of 5% lucky people who has dual DNA mutation and cannot contract it.

My boyfriends numbers weren't too bad CD4=420 and Viral load at 10000. At that point we decided to try few things before making a decision regarding starting antiviral drugs or not. After some research and reading different opinions regarding the colloidal silver we decided to try it anyway, without much believe we ordered 2 bottles just to try it out. My boyfriend has been taking one tablespoon 4 times a day for about 10 days before his next HIV test and CD4/CD8 test… since it was only 10 days on silver we didn't expect much to change. Today his doctor called him… Surprise!!! Our doctor said that his viral load is down to 7000 (3000 points down in short month since his previous test) his CD4 count was also slightly up to 440 (20 points up) sounds like a small change but doctor asked if he's been doing anything different because he was very puzzled about his numbers – at some point doctor said "keep doing whatever you're doing, i am very puzzled because i have never seen numbers go down so quickly and so dramatically in people who don't take antiviral cocktails". he also said that my boyfriend's numbers showing around 10% improvements. His CD4/CD8 ratio is also 17% better. Sooo… it may not work for everyone the same but trying doesn't hurt.

My boyfriend has been taking colloidal silver for about 6 weeks now, he did slowed down his dose to only one teaspoon twice a day (morning and evening) as always on empty stomach but we are going to go back to 4 times a day after getting these results today.

I wish i started taking it as well because about 3 weeks ago i got swine flu and was "destroyed" for a week, i was also so scared that my BF would contract it from me – HE DIDN'T!!!!!!! i kinda thought that he probably wouldn't get the swine flu from me because he's been taking silver for about 3 weeks when i got sick but wasn't sure. he sneezed maybe few times – but no other symptoms.  Miracle? I'd say science, a science that many don't trust. "Whatever" to those who don't believe in stuff like this, go take your poisons and stop reading my review 🙂 i am not trying to convince anyone but rather just sharing my real story.

At the end – i don't know how exactly this thing works but the fact is it works for my boyfriend, i am looking forward to see his numbers from his next blood work and i will definitely share our findings.

one more thing – this is totally my theory why his numbers are down – my boyfriend takes silver 6 hours apart – i believe this is the key. HIV replication time i believe is around 4-5 hours after replication process is complete it gets back to the blood stream; taking silver every 6 hours will kill HIV in blood stream after it gets replicated and released to the blood stream. Taking it every 4 hours sounds crazy and difficult to follow so every 6 hours kinda works.

Also, we tried other brands that sounded also good or better but Utopia silver worked the best for us – the taste is better and it just feels it's working better than other brands…

good luck to everyone!
A grateful customer in California

Hi DS,

Thanks for the testimonial. You called it correct; it is not an unexplainable ‘miracle’; it is simply ‘science’. HIV is a viral infection and silver kills viruses; always has and always will; that is the scientific nature of the mineral. It is regrettable that mainstream medicine is bought and paid for by big pharmaceutical interests who only interest is making money, rather than in curing or preventing disease. If I could eliminate the suffering of mankind from disease, I would be happy to cure all disease, then go out of business tomorrow and find another profession.

Please keep us updated.
Ben in Utopia

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